Terragen 3.3 Release Change Log

    Changes in build

    Many kinds of object now have a Render method parameter, allowing you to choose between “Default”, “Force Displacement” and “Force Ray Trace”. Also known as “per-object RTO”, this is a much anticipated feature! When the object’s render method is set to “Default”, the object is rendered according to the Ray trace objects setting in the render node (ray tracing objects usually looks better and renders faster, but doesn’t allow displacement). “Force Displacement” is useful when you have some object(s) that you want to render with displacement but you don’t want to change how all the rest of your objects are rendered. “Force Ray Trace” might be useful if you have a scene where you already turned Ray trace objects off because you wanted displacement, but now you want to use ray tracing for the highest quality on certain objects or populations that don’t need displacement.

    Mac (64-bit) and Linux only: Reduced memory consumption of objects and populations.

    TCB values (tension, continuity, bias) for animation keys can now be edited in the animation view’s curve editor.

    Mac only: Turned on high resolution mode so the user interface looks better on Retina displays. However, button icons etc. and OpenGL views (3D preview, node network etc.) have not been updated for high resolution yet.

    Improved handling of populations:

    • Fixed bug that caused copy-and-pasting a node to cause populations to repopulate before rendering.
    • Fixed other bugs that caused mysterious population recalculations.
    • Fixed a problem that stopped some edited population instances from being editable after repopulating (e.g. after reloading the project).
    • Fixed a problem with edited instances in populations that had instances that were both modified and deleted.
    • Fixed Bug #634: When populating a Rock population, the progress dialog sometimes didn’t show the Abort button.

    Together the following changes make the application feel a lot faster in everyday use:

    • Made lots of changes to stop 3D Previews from updating or aborting during some actions where they don’t need to. In some cases the abort would make the interface feel sluggish during user input, and this has now improved. Some of the affected actions were: moving nodes, renaming nodes, copying/pasting/duplicating nodes. This also fixes bug #574.
    • Fixed problems that were causing the 3D Preview and shader/heightfield previews to restart multiple times when more than one preview was open.

    Improved stability:

    • Fixed a bug which could lead to a crash when deleting some nodes.
    • Fixed bug #633: Adding a preview image to a project item in the library caused a crash.

    A new “HD” button on 3D Preview and on shader/heightfield previews. This doubles the maximum detail, from 80 to 160 in normal 3D Previews, and from 160 to 320 in shader/heightfield previews.

    Added “-threads” command line argument to override the number of threads used for rendering, population, previews and any other multi-threaded tasks. Usage example: -threads 4

    If the Render View is closed and then reopened at any time, it opens with the most recently-rendered image, and the image can be saved. Previously the image would be lost when closing the Render View.

    Fixed bug #590, which caused the Save button on the Render View to save the wrong image (or no image at all) if the current render node is different from the render node that create the image.

    Changed the layout of some buttons on the 3D Preview.

    Camera paths in the 3D Preview now draw dots for any keyed parameters, not just keys on the position.

    Made some improvements to the way project previews are handled when they’re added to an open project file from the Library window.

    Moved the following parameters from the render node to the render subdiv settings node: Displacement filter, Microvertex jittering, Detail jittering. To maintain forward and backward compatibility, they are still duplicated in the render node, but hidden from the GUI.

    Fixed bug #631, which caused the surface depth render element to be incorrect with spherical cameras and fisheye lenses.

    Changed how number-of-core overrides are reported to the console and the about/splash box.

    Windows installers and Mac distro are now digitally signed by Planetside Software LLC.

    Known issues with this version

    When setting key frames or removing key frames on a parameter, the colouration of the text does not update to reflect the change until the parameter view is closed and reopened.

    When renaming a node, the old name may be displayed in another parameter view that references the node until the parameter view is closed and reopened.


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