Terragen 3.4 Release Change Log

    Changes from to (March 12, 2016)

    Improved Image Saving

    • Bit depth (8 or 16 bit) and compression options (None/LZW/Zip) are now available for TIFFs that are created by Render Sequence and Render All To Disk. The options are chosen with the “TIFF Options” button on the Sequence/Output tab of the render node. They apply to the main image output, RGB render element and Alpha render element (all other render elements are forced to be EXR at the moment so it doesn’t apply to them). Images saved manually from the Render View continue to use separate settings which are chosen when saving the image.
    • Alpha images saved as 16-bit TIFFs are no longer tone mapped (but they are still gamma corrected).
    • The default image format for output filenames on the render node is now .tif instead of .bmp.
    • When forcing render elements to be EXR (all elements except Rgb and Alpha), any existing extension is removed before adding .exr to the filename so that you don’t end up with a double extension such as “.tif.exr” or “.bmp.exr”.

    Improved OBJ Support

    • OBJ Reader reads map_d (opacity texture) from .mtl files. This only affects the first time the OBJ Reader is created (e.g. when adding from a menu).
    • OBJ Reader reads Ni (index of refraction) from .mtl files. This only affects the first time the OBJ Reader is created (e.g. when adding from a menu).
    • OBJ Reader’s .mtl reader trims whitespace from the beginning of lines before parsing. This allows correct reading of some files that didn’t work before.

    Other Changes

    • Prevented a crash when calculating populations and possibly other situations too.
    • Prevented a crash that could occur with separate shader previews of shaders that are disconnected from the rest of the node network.
    • Windows only: Fixed a problem that would sometimes hang the program after the computer woke up from sleep mode.
    • Windows only: Fixed a problem that would cause the main window to go behind another window when closing the colour picker, TIFF options dialog or other modal dialog.
    • “Unpremult colour” is now turned off by default in the Default Shader and Image Map Shader.
    • Previously, in non-animation editions (including the free edition) the camera node’s depth-of-field parameters were being shown below the “General” tab. They are now shown on the “Blur” tab as they are in animation-enabled editions.

    Changes from to (September 21, 2015):

    • Fixed a bug with relative paths to GI cache files.
    • New shader: Shadow Catcher Shader.

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