Terragen 4 benchmark released

    The much-anticipated Terragen 4 benchmark is here! Big thanks to Ulco Glimmerveen for creating the original scene and allowing us to use it as the basis for this benchmark. As with the Terragen 3 benchmark, this new version has been designed to test newer Terragen 4 features like v3 Cloud Shading (multiple scattering), Robust Adaptive Sampling, Lens Effects, and more. For the first time we are also including several bundled objects, among them two that were kindly provided by IDV Software, makers of Speedtree. You may use these objects only in non-commercial projects. As a result the benchmark download is much larger, but still a reasonable ~14MB in .zip format.

    Please note that due to the user of newer features like robust adaptive sampling, you will need Terragen 4.3 or newer to run the benchmark. Those of you whose maintenance is expired and who do not have access to 4.3 can still use the free version to run the benchmark. Just be sure to copy your older version install folder to a new location before installing 4.3 (or maintain the install file for later reinstallation).

    Head on over to our Terragen 4 Benchmark page to download the scene and submit your render time, then check out the full list of results:

    Speaking of which, we’ve added a new results page that will allow for easier viewing and sorting than before (the full spreadsheet view is also still available):

    We can’t wait to see results from some of the newer powerhouse CPUs from AMD and Intel!


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