Terragen 4 Summer Sale 2019

    Terragen is on sale!

    Have a Happy 4th of July with up to $140 off

    This year we’re celebrating summer with an epic sale on all versions of Terragen, including subscriptions, perpetual licenses, maintenance renewals, and even upgrades from older versions.

    Note: it’s important to click the correct link below for the product you’re interested, so keep this in mind if you’re not seeing the discount you expect.


    Save 30% on your first billing period with any subscription to Terragen Creative or Professional. That’s up to $104 off Terragen Professional and $41 off Creative.

    Just click one of the links above, add a subscription, and you’ll see the discounted price in your cart.

    Perpetual Licenses

    If you prefer a non-subscription option you can save even more at 20% off, with 1 year of Maintenance included. That’s $140 off the Professional version, and $70 off Creative. You’ll see the discounted price in your cart after you add a qualifying product.

    Maintenance Renewals

    If you already own a Perpetual license and need a Maintenance renewal, save 30% there as well. Just visit the Maintenance Renewal page on our website to review renewal instructions, then login to access your renewal or upgrade options.


    Last but not least, if you’re upgrading a license, either from the Creative to Professional version, or from any prior version of Terragen (Classic, v2, or v3), you can also save 20% on the latest Terragen 4, including 1 year of Maintenance. Find out more about how to upgrade on our My Account page, and don’t forget to register for a new account if you haven’t accessed our website since 2016, when we published a new account and login system.

    Don’t see the discounts?

    These prices are only available through the links and codes on this page. You need to click the appropriate links above to access them, and cookies will need to be enabled.

    If you’re still having trouble you can manually enter one of the following codes for the appropriate discount at check-out:

    For 30% off Subscriptions or Maintenance Renewals: J4SUB30

    For 20% off Perpetual Licenses and Upgrades: J4PERUPG20


    Oshyan Greene

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