Terragen 4.2 Update Release

    Our ongoing Maintenance releases continue with Terragen 4.2, which includes optimizations to terrain rendering speed, an additional option for UV maps in exported terrain, and numerous convenience features, bug fixes, etc.

    Significantly improved terrain rendering speed

    We’re continuing to push performance forward with the latest 4.2 release. Most notably, you’ll see speed improvements with terrain rendering that can make a dramatic difference in certain cases. The images above and below show some strong examples, and while typical render time reductions will likely be less dramatic, you’ll still enjoy improved rendering speed in many situations.

    Additional terrain rendering optimization example

    For those who use Terragen with other software and rely on the terrain export functions, you’ll be pleased to hear you can now optionally choose “Image UV (render projection)” for your exported geometry, useful if you will be using the Terragen render as a projected texture. In addition, we’ve made quite a few smaller improvements to the User Interface, making 4.2 more convenient and smoother to work with. Changes include grouping and node label updates, new preview options for controlling various scene element bounding boxes, file and image handling improvements, and more. There are numerous other bug fixes, minor changes, and improvements as well. Check out the full Change Log for details.

    The 4.2 update is free to all users who have current Maintenance. If your Maintenance has expired you’ll need to renew it in order to access 4.2 and future updates. To check your Maintenance status, you can use the Check for Updates feature in the Terragen About/Application menu, or login to your account on our website. Maintenance lasts for one year from your original purchase, and then must be renewed annually to maintain access to updates. If your last renewal was more than 1 year ago, you’ll need to renew to access 4.2.


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