Terragen 4.5.56 Change Log

    Build 4.5.56 (Release) Released January 1, 2021 Included in Maintenance up to July 1, 2020 General On Windows: Terragen is now built with Visual Studio 2019, and the installer has…

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    Specular roughness models on conductor surface.

    Terragen 4.5 Release

    Terragen 4.5 Release builds are now available.   Default Shader updates The Default Shader has been updated for better integration with PBR workflows.  “Metalness” textures are now supported for 3D…

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    Terragen Autumn Sale

    Save up to 20% with our Autumn Sale prices   Subscriptions Lock in these low prices for the lifetime of your subscription! 20% off all Terragen Professional Subscriptions and up…

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