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    Exporting Terrain via the Micro Exporter

    In this post, we’ll export terrain from Terragen as textured 3D geometry for use in other applications like Blender and Unreal Engine. A common method of exporting terrain relies on…

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    Exporting Terrain from Terragen

    So you’ve created a procedural landscape in Terragen and want to export it to another package like Blender, Unreal Engine, Maya, etc. Where do you start? The answer depends on…

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    Hello RPC! Part 2 – Error Handling

    Wouldn’t it be great if everything worked exactly as it was supposed to and nothing ever went wrong?  Sadly, life and programming don’t always work that way! When writing an…

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    Terragen Sky Early Access 2023-05-07 Update

    Check for updates! Terragen Sky Early Access 2023-05-07 is now available! 16k Output Terragen Sky’s spherical output feature is now capable of rendering your virtual environment in resolutions up to…

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    Rendering in the Cloud – Part 1

    Outsourcing your renders to a render farm can save you time when rendering long animation sequences, or when you need to render images at much higher quality or resolution.  In…

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